In modern houses, floors are made of various kinds of materials. Some stairs are made
of cheap materials and some stairs need maintenance; others are made of wood or win-boards
that tend to get slippery with use, and some are made with expensive slippery marbles.
Whatever the reason, slippery stairs become dangerous for commuters, especially if such
commuters are small children and pets.
The risk of small children and pets, especially small dogs, slipping from your home stairs
and rolling down is ever present. The cute little members of your home are especially prone to
accidental mishaps on stairs. According to statistics by American Journal of Emergency
Medicine, stair related injuries account to 37.8% per 1000 US residents. This is really scary,
how so many of us are prone to such accidents. Not only seniors, small children, and pets are at
risk on your home stairs, anyone can slip and have an accident. Therefore, precautionary
measures are always advisable, and carpet stair treads can help make your home a safer place.
“Sofia Home Goods” introduces carpet treads that work like smooth cushions for the
gentle steps of all members of your family, for your toddler, your dog, and for you. Our soft
carpet stair treads come with polypropylene exterior and a flimsy PVC lining making up and
down movement of you, your child, and your puppy easy, relaxed and harmless. Secure clasp
of the carpet treads protects you and your precious ones from sliding, and a comfy cushion
underneath delivers a soft pad preventing them from getting hurt.
Over the course of years, so many satisfied customers have shared their experiences
with us. They have told us about how our carpet stair treads saved the lives of their lovely dogs,
small pets, children and family.

“Sofia” Non-slip Stair Treads Carpet have following key benefits: -
● You don’t have to spend too much extra to buy this comfort and safety for your lovely
dogs, other pets, children and family
● No extraordinary renovations or home modifications are required
● No need for any kind of dismantling or displacements or furniture movement for repair
● Adhesive carpet tape is part of the stair mats that secures them firmly on the stair
surface and provides them extra grip added to the stair treads non-slip bottom
● Hardwood, Wooden stairs durability is also enhanced because the carpet treads foil the
stairs as a protective layer guarding them against scratches, wear & tear and greasing
by overuse.
● Indoor non-slip stair treads and runners function reliably for all kind of users, such as
pets, cat or dog, kids, aged, visitors, friends & family
● Our stair treads, stair runners or stair rugs made up of soft and cozy materials that are
suitable for both humans & pets

● Our outdoor & indoor stair treads come in many aesthetically pleasing designs, and with
variable sizes of our products will fit in a wide range of stair types
● Our Short-term Stair treads can be easily detached without damaging the stair or leaving
any residue behind for dogs & humans
● They are suitable likewise as wood stair treads, tile non-slipping stair treads or
embellished stair treads
● We offer a color variety you will find nowhere else, suiting your home décor, building
style and furnishings color scheme

Incredible products
“Sofia” carpet stair treads add safety and beauty to your stairs. Our carpet stair mats and
treads come prepared for instant use with built-in sticking material and place well on your floor.
It grips the stair floor firmly, sticks well in place and looks aesthetic on the staircase. It doesn’t
leave any smudges on the floor. These stair treads and mats are designed to avoid any skidding
or slipping while climbing, whether it is by adults, children or any kind of pets.

Flawless design
“Sofia” carpet treads are manufactured with soft, comfortable and resilient synthetic wool blend,
finished with a non-slip backside – our treads are designed to grip the floor and reduce the
slipping or skidding tendency to minimum. They are not harmed by overuse and their anti-slip
function will help protect your kids, cats or dogs. Our all new pet friendly carpet stair treads are
the culmination of our many years of experience in this field. These stair treads are made of a
heavy-duty, sturdy material that has no effect of use over time.

Suitable in family environment
Our Multi-layered pet friendly carpet treads make them suitable for family houses.
● Non-slipping surface
● Cushion layer
● Spotless adhesive on double tape
● Defensive lining
● Unbelievably easy

Carpet stair runners are very convenient to fix on the stair floor. No need to use
permanent adhesive; double sided tape that doesn't leave sticky residue on your staircase. Just
follow this 3-step process.
● Apply double sided tape beneath your carpet stair treads
● They stay where they are placed
● Are easy to clean, vacuum or even machine wash them

Isn’t it that your precious little toddler, your cute little dog is loved by everyone! The little
members of our family become the light of our eyes. That child, or that dog gives so much love
to us that it is just irresistible to retort that intimacy and sentiment. We do anything to keep them