Area Rugs

          Water Aura Blue & Gray Modern Low Pile Area Rug


          Light Grey & Blue Farmhouse Area Rug


          Anatolia's Tomb Gray Low Pile Distressed Area Rug


          Atlantis Beige & Cream Modern Area Rug


          Modern Vintage Blue & Beige Area Rug


          Water Aura Gray Modern Wavy Low Pile Area Rug


          Atlantis Grey Transitional Area Rug


          Light Gray Farmhouse Area Rug


          Anatolia's Tomb Blue & Gray Oriental Area Rug


          Water Aura Cream Beige Modern Wavy Area Rug

          For countless centuries Area Rugs have been a staple in our homes. In addition to providing beauty, they have also helped make our houses safer. From wherever they are placed, Area Rugs radiate their signature warm and cozy feeling while enhancing the beauty of the room.

          What is an Area Rug?

          In technical terms, Area Rugs can be referred to as a piece of carpet which is of a regular geometrical shape. Area Rugs do not run wall-to-wall across the room, and the size of an Area Rug is comparatively smaller. Unlike a carpet, Area Rug is moveable and not fixed to the floor.
          Area Rugs are mainly used to keep the objects within a room together, while maintaining a solid continuous look. For example it can be used to cover the space between the bed and the chairs placed in front of the bed, so the empty floor is covered.

          Some of the Advantages of Using an Area Rug Could Be:

          • Noise Reduction:
          • Area Rugs absorb sound, helping in making the place quieter. Thus, leading to a calm environment where concentration of thoughts, rest and general comfort can be achived.

          • Damage Protection for the Floor:
          • Area Rugs are more durable, and softer than other types of floor coverings that protect your home floor from the impact of heavy items to claw marks from household pets. They not only protect the floor itself, they also help in keeping us safe by protecting against cracks, sharp or pointed. Replaceable Area Rugs can always be changed once it is worn up or damaged.

          • Injury Prevention:
          • No one wants it, but let us be honest, accidents do happen. Some accidents could lead to injuries, and Area Rugs are a great preventive measure against accidents. The soft surface will allow mitigated injuries in most falls and or accidents.

          • Keeps the Space Warm:
          • Of course the older reason for the existence of carpets of all kinds is to keep the floor warm, so comfortable sitting and bare-foot activities could be easily enjoyed in your home. Depending on your location on the globe, a warm Area Rug can help you save an immense amount on your energy bill.
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