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    Stair Treads

    Willow - Non Slip Backing Stair Treads for Dogs, Kids, and Elders (Pack of 7) Anti Slip Carpet Stair Treads


    Primrose - Grey Stair Treads - Low Pile Stair Rug


    Green Aura - Deep Pile Shag Carpet Stair Treads


    Blue Aura - Shag Carpet for Stairs (Set of 13)


    Diamond Aura - Deep Pile Dark Gray Stair Treads Pack of 13


    Teal Aura - Deep Pile Carpet Stair Treads


    Willow - Low Pile Brown Stair Treads Carpet


    Carpet Runner Set of 13


    Dark Beige Carpet Stair Runners Set of 13


    Red & White Mozaik Indoor Stair Runners (Pack of 13)


    Teal Clouds Stair Runner Rugs (Set of 13)


    Red & White Staircase Step Treads Set of 13


    Blue & White Jungle Stair Covers (Set of 13)


    Teal Geometric Carpet Stair Treads (Set of 13)


    Dark Blue Indoor Carpet Stair Treads (Pack of 13)


    Maroon Red Indoor Stair Treads (Set of 13)


    Faded Teal & Brown Carpet Stair Treads (Set of 13)


    Maroon Red Frost Carpet Stair Runners (Set of 13)


    What are Stair Treads?

    A stair tread is the area of the stair set on which a person can step on to move up to the next step. Practically speaking, it is a mat on the horizontal section of a staircase on which we walk.

    Benefits of Using Stair Treads

    There are several benefits of using stair treads, here we will mention few of them:

    • Walking Sound Reduction:
    • Stair Treads reduce the sound of footsteps generated by hard-heel footwear traffic on the stairs. It helps to significantly reduce the pesky, irritating, unwanted sounds that tend to distract us from concentrating on important tasks or doing the things we love in peace.

    • Reduced Echo:
    • Echos occur when the sound gets reflected from an object or a surface. The impact of this well known phenomenon can be dealt with Stair Tread use. The fluffiness of Stair Treads reduces echo by absorbing the sound.

    • Fall Prevention:
    • Most of the stairs are slippery and can prove to be a real hazard in the house. Stair Treads greatly reduce the chances of slipping and injuries that may result from the falls.

    • Staircase Life Extension:
    • By acting as a protective cover to the stairs, Stair Treads serve to shield the stairs from scratches and from general wear and tear. The easy replaceable quality of Stair Treads is a cheap alternative to fixing the damage on your staircase.

    How to Choose the Right Stair Treads?

    Choosing the right stair treads can be a complicated decision to make. When doing so, it is important to keep a few things in mind. Here are some of the things you should consider:


    Choosing the wrong material for stair treads can be a disaster, because the natural friction placed upon them will make lesser quality Stair Treads to lose grip and be worn out in a short period.


    Choosing the right design, and keeping the theme similar to the overall ambiance of your home, will add to the grace of the stairs. It is also a great venue to elegantly show unique personal style to anyone visiting your lovely home.


    The correct size selection will not only be beneficial for obvious reasons, but the right size will definitely make an impact on the aesthetically pleasing look of your stairs.

    Where to find the Best Stair Treads Near You

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