Q1: Why do my stair treads look like two different colors?

Answer: The color thread we use when manufacturing the stair treads for one design are all the same color. Typically, this is a shade issue which occurs when the stair treads are not positioned in the same direction. The following steps should sort it out.

  1. Feel one stair tread and determine which side feels smooth (depending on how you are holding it, typically it's left to right but it could be the other way around)
  2. When placing it on your step, make sure each stair tread is applied in the same direction. For example, 1st step - left to right (smooth feel) 2nd step - left to right (smooth feel). 
  3. Repeat this for all the stair treads and you should notice that they are all the same color!


Q2: Will the double sided tape cause damage to my stairs?

Answer: No, in most cases, it shouldn’t. We only work with suppliers that can test and verify that no damage will occur to hardwood steps as a result of the adhesive tape use. That being said, everyone’s steps are unique. This is why we recommend all of our customers to use a lukewarm cloth to wipe down the steps upon removal. 

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