Indoor Carpet Stair Treads - The New Stair Runners!

Falls at home can become the cause of serious injuries. Protect your family from risky falls, slips or rolling injuries. And low budget, easy method to keep your families safe is the use of stair treads. Indoor carpet stair treads and our new stair runners can provide a permanent, reliable remedy to this hazard.

Alternative products offer rubber, metal or interweaved materials as stair treads and runners. However, carpet stair treads are much safer, softer and comfortable for walking. They also make your stair surface non-slippery, reliable, durable and slip resistant. In case of inevitable fall, they work as a cushion to reduce the incidence of hitting.

Sofia Rugs™ offers Indoor Stair Treads in all new looks and beautifully crafted designs. Our product offerings include skid resistant stair runners synthesized in a manner to become non-slip in different size variations with rubber backing to work in a resilient manner on all kind of hard surfaces, e.g. hardwood, wood, tile and marble.

Long-lasting stuff: Our stair treads offer a dense, finest, skid-resistant rubber support to produce harmless, comfortable and secure walking surface for your near and dear ones.

Convenient: An added grip and a durable protection with the convenience of placing them directly onto the stairs rids from the hassles of long home modification. It saves your precious time and cost.

Anti-Slippery: We do not stick these carpet stair treads to your stairs. Despite that they have skid-resistant rubber backing.

Cleaning made easy: Don’t bother for a hefty cleaning exercise. A hand-held vacuum or hose attachment suffices enough to spot clean these stair runners.

PRECAUTIONS: We recommend front loaded washer at adjustable temperature on delicate cycle as these stair runners have a skid-resistant rubber backing. AVOID (i) Top loading washers; (ii) Tumble dry, or (iii) Iron.


Health & Hygiene (Anti Microbial)

Safe non-skid Stair Tread – Prevents rug from slipping and it holds its place. This doesn’t allow microbes (harmful germs) to cluster and flourish in airtight underneath surface. Hence, making it comply with health and hygiene standards.

Stain resistant and durable

Our stair runners resist stains and fading of colors with use. It makes them easy to maintain. They can fit in any kind of long or short staircase inside, outside or entrance of your home.

Available in State of the Art and Traditional Designs

Whether have an illustrious modern styled house or a heritage one, our product range can match your home décor. Our adorable runners gel into the look and feel of your indoor or outdoor stairs and ascribe an extravaganza to your home. Beautify your home with our WONDERFUL composition with the inherent advantage of non-slip materials.

Anti-Moving Solution

Our carpet stair treads and runners have anti-moving and anti-slippery surface; they are easy to install. Just apply double sided tape and stick to the stairs without any extra effort.

High quality

  • Wear resistant polypropylene fiber surface
  • Non-woven buffer fabric under-layer
  • Non-slip bottom (made of TPU)
  • Reusable without leaving residues on the stairs
  • Leaves no marks on the hardwood floor
  • Easy trimming with scissors


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